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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ breaking news right now on fox 29 news at 6:00. whitney houston's daughter is being treated at a hospital in atlanta after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub. good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. >> i'm dawn tim money knee. bobby christina brown was found by her husband and friend. police rushing to the home in the suburbs north of atlanta this afternoon much police say that nick gordon brown's husband and a friend performed cpr and that brown was alive when she was transported to the hospital. tmz is reporting that doctors stabilized her breathing. brown is is the only daughter of houston bobby brown. houston was found dead in a hotel bathtub nearly three years
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ago. of course we'll bring you the latest information as we get it throughout this newscast. and more breaking news tonight. the u.s. is working to confirm online video reportedly showing isis beheading japanese journalist. if the video is found to be legitimate it would end days of on going negotiations to save the man. it all began last week when the militants threatened to kill him and another hostage unless japan paid them $200 million. isis is said to have killed the other hostage last week. us officials are still working to authenticate that video as well. >> on your radar arctic blast. it is cold. really have to bundle up if you're heading outside. fox 29 in chestnut hill where even dogs are sporting their sweaters and jackets today. fox 29's caitlin roth here and caitlin, how cold is it going to get tonight because pretty bad out there this afternoon. >> it is. it's been brutally cold, dawn, actually not as cold tonight. we'll see some slightly warmer
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temperatures ahead of our next system that. dog in its sweater so adorable. quiet outside right now. clear skies and we had so much sunshine today but did very little to warm us up. those clouds are increaseing to night. those temperatures are rising rising thanks in part to a winter storm that will move across the northeast this is not going to be a snowstorm for philadelphia. but our northwestern counties will see some accumulation as we go from sunday into monday. winter storm watch out for northern chester montgomery and bucks. that extends into central jersey jersey. becomes a winter storm warning accumulateing snow much more likely for berks lehigh, northampton county up into the poconos several inches of snow and a winter weather advisory for lancaster. again that's tomorrow night into monday. today though the big focus has been the bitter cold. these are air temperatures outside right now. 27 in philadelphia. 24 in allentown. 15 in the poconos. 26 in wilmington and 26 in millville. winds have subsided a bit but we're still seeing sustained speeds out of the west around 15 miles an hour. so these wind chills that's wait feels like when you step outside
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very very cold still it feels like one below in the poconos. very cold day for anyone who is skiing. 16 in allentown. 16 in philadelphia. you can count on less blustery but very night ahead. your fox future cast though clear skies and rear looking good as we head into tomorrow morning. starting off with a bit of sunshine although those clouds roll in and by about 3:00 o'clock maybe starting to head out to super bowl parties snow showers start to move in again far north and west of philadelphia. so for tonight clouds on the increase still very cold. 22 in the city. 15 on the suburb. we'll talk more about that snow threat for our northwest counties coming up. joyce and dawn. >> thank you caitlin. bizarre sight in north jersey where the struggle to fight a fire creates icy mess. take look. this happening in morristown morris county. fire started in a building at elm and morris streets just after 11:00 o'clock last night and the flames quickly spread to go other buildings and the wind and the freezing temperatures making firefighters jobs even more difficult than usual. about 25 people were forced out of their homes.
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the red cross is helping them. still no word yet on exactly what sparked that fire. and we're following a developing story in burlington county, new jersey tonight. that's where people have been found dead. police have been at a home in mt. holly all day. fox 29's brad sattin is live near the scene tonight with the very latest. brad is what is going on there? >> reporter: certainly a sad story, joyce. this has been long cold investigation that got started after 9:00 o'clock with a 911 call this morning. happening at this house behind me. it's actually a duplex. it is the property on the left hand side just got off the phone short time ago with burlington county prosecutor's office telling me that one person who lives in that home came home to find two other people who live there dead. we know an adult man and woman also being told neighbors not in any danger. neighbors are telling us two other weeble were taken from the home at the time here on 200 block of washington street. one man taken by ambulance. a woman put in a patrol car both
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of them apparently also live here but important to note from the prosecutor' office no arrests at this point. now after more than seven hours on the scene, we know the two bodies were removed by the medical examiner just a little while ago around 4:00 their this afternoon. there's no word on cause of death right now. neighbors say this is a high traffic area but it's not a high crime area. now, just a few minutes ago we had a chance to talk to the man who lives on the other side of the duplex where this happened. and to his daughter who rushed over after hearing about what happened this morning. >> i heard about it said two people got killed. kind of upset me that close to home. especially i have my grandkids and my children here. my wife is out of town right -- luckily she's out of town. so it was just surprising. very very much so. >> i talked to lady this morning, and she said they took a young lady out that had, you know short hair in the patrol car and brought the young man out, um, he had on boxer shorts
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and he was full of blood. and that you it. they put him in the ambulance and handcuffs. >> reporter: obviously still a lot of questions to night. prosecutors office not saying a whole lot again investigators some of them are still on the scene wrapping up at least this crime scene here. to sum up two people dead what appears to be double homicide. but neighbors were being told are not in any danger. ladies, back to you. >> all right thank you so much, brad. in delaware a father and son are locked up elijah foreman sr. and junior face a long list of charges to night including drug and weapons violations. all started with a home burglary investigation in the ocean view area this past week. police say they found clues connecting a land gun stolen from that house to foreman junior. later officers spotted foreman driving and pulled him over. police say they found the stolen gun, cash and drugs. then officers went to foreman's
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house in frankford delaware. that's where they said they found more drug and cash. that's where they also arrested foreman's father, too. rebuilding the village. philadelphia mayor michael nutter says he wants to start a series of conversations aimed at helping a group of citizens who face a unique set of challenges. at that first conversation, it happened today. that's where we find fox 29's sabina kuriakose with the details. >> the ability for him to stay on track and not fall under peer pressure and just to be able to keep his mine right and stay focused. (inaudible). >> young black males are responsible. that they're not all engaged in violence or crime that they're paying attention to what's going
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on in their communities. >> reporter: mayor nutter says this is the first in a series of conversations he hopes to have around the city and he says they're not just going to be talking about healing and wellness but they'll have frank discussions about current events that are on the minds of young people. >> you have to look at issues like tragedies in ferguson or stat didn't island or something that happened here in philadelphia. how do you heal community and employees relations? how do you deal with young people who may have seen someone literally laying dead in the street or know a friend who was shot and the trauma that goes with that? and so there's a significant amount of healing that needs to take place. that will only happen with conversation. >> we need to bring more black men into the economy and more black men into the community and talk about what they're doing from a positive standpoint as opposed to always highlighting and profiling a typical story of, you know, black men and violence and in crisis. >> reporter: to do that mission co chair says organizers
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want to create a way for community leaders to talk openly and honestly with young men. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> a federal judge puts the sale of atlantic city former revel casino on hold while the company that ran its nightclub and bars appeals that sale. revel now has until tuesday to respond to a bid to delay the knife $.4 million sale to developer glenn straub. the company filing that appeal idea boardwalk has invested millions of dollars in the property and it wants to keep its rights to the company. straub wants to buy the property without any obligation to any companies that had leases with revel. straub's polo north country club was the first to bid on revel which costs $2.4 billion to build. it closed last september after
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just two years and never returned a profit. there's news tonight in the war on terror one of the so-called taliban five who was traded last year for sergeant bowe bergdahl has been intercepted making calls to the taliban. the obama administration maintains the five have not gone back to the terrorist organization to fight against the u.s. fox's molly henneberg has the latest now from washington. >> reporter: defense officials insist that five taliban leaders released from the guantonimo bay prison last june to the country of qatar have not rejoined the fight against the u.s. even though one of them made phone calls to his taliban contacts in afghanistan phone calls that were intercepted. the taliban five as their called were swapped for army sergeant bergdahl last year. a deal the white house says it does not regret. but some republicans said then and say now, it was a bad idea to let those guys out of get mow mow. >> to expect them not to go back and fight and somehow to undergo
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some conversion is just dammed foolishness. additional american lives will be threatened because if these people which they most likely will as 30% of the others have been released will pose a direct danger to american men and women who are serving. >> reporter: qatar yann leader promised president obama his country would keep tabs on the men through the end of may. then they'll be free to leave qatar. for now, the obama administration says there are ways to monitor what the taliban five are doing. >> we remain confident as we were when we sent them there that the assurances we've received are sufficient enough to help us mitigate any future threat that these individuals might pose. >> reporter: white house and pentagon stopped short of calling the taliban a foreign terrorist organization. instead referring to them as an armed insurgency that uses terror tactics. senator mccain says this is an example president's quote oh belief stressness to the things that are happening in the world.
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in washington, molly henneberg fox news. >> still ahead tonight on the fox 29 news at 6:00, some serious monkey business on one busy bang. >> teller bitten by a money key. it was a terrifying scene. how the animal ended up in the bank in the first place. a drug bust that taking the term dirty job to whole new level for a few police officers. what one deputy had to do to collect a whole lot of pot from a port o potty bust. >> local veterinarians can hardly believe their eyes when they look at this guy's x-rays. what this pooch ate that vets say all dog owners need to see. keith? >> dawn, there's nothing shady about lesean mccoy's desire to stay in philly but is he willing to give up some dough and nick foles talks about his look a
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♪ in camden county today a big thank you and recognition ceremony for a man whose bravely served our country. the freeholder board awarding the camden county military service medal to ma reply staff sergeant daniel wagner. he serve in the military for 13 years including two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan. throughout the years he says his focus remained the same. >> when they put that around me the only thing i ever received some promotion everything else, i think about my family, my friends. everyone waiting for me at home. so most of the time i think about them when i'm doing it. >> the freeholder board created the camden county military
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service medal to honor the men and women who have made camden county proud with their military service. well really bizarre and terrifying moment for a bank employee after she's bitten by of all things a monkey. >> and it happened in texas. after that attack police say the monkey's owner took off. it didn't take long for officers to catch up with the both of them, and tonight the monkey is in quarantine. investigators say the animal's owner had brought the monkey into the bang last thursday claiming it was a service animal animal. soon after that, that monkey bit an employee. and while it was scary officials say it could have been much worse. >> it was not a severe injury fortunately. he did bite in a location where she had several layers of clothing so, um, she was certainly prevented from having a much more serious injury. >> still pretty scary. the employee is going to be okay. the monkey's opener is in trouble. police cited him for keeping a
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prohibited animal within city limits. empire the show that everybody is is watching and in fact people are tuning in in record numbers. >> everyone loves this show. what do you think about what you're seeing especially how the show portrays african-americans? fox 29's quincy harris takes closer look. ♪ >> we want to thank you for the most pressures blessing jamal. ♪ >> you guys have all seen the show empire on fox 29. everyone is talking about it. what's your initial thoughts of seeing the show what do you think guys think about. >> i think it's interesting it actually goes behind the scenes of the music business. ♪ >> some people it's entertainment but to some other people this is life. ♪ >> is the got and the bad and the ugly. >> i ended up where i ended up for you and your brother.
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>> you want a medal. >> how talking to his momma showing how you dad let you live. i guess this is the lifestyle you're used to. >> sadly it's a scene showing out in families every day. >> i think it's entertainment it's dine nass and dallas just the black version of it. >> what i've seen so far i think it's really complicated. i think the producer or whoever director put it together taking on lot of issues. >> on purpose. empire co creator and exec tough pro douser lee daniels says he wanted to shed light on matter that is playing the african-american community. >> i think a lot of people want to keep it quiet. they're uncomfortable. showing anything like that. showing us in such a negative light. >> we may not want to talk about but reality is in your face.
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>> i like the current events that they keep bringing up. the barack obamas and the trayvon martins. >> barack obama ain't nothing but a sell out. >> the second one almost shut me down completely when he started talking about the president. when he showed his private parts in a restaurant. really turned me off. a lot. i had to go back in my head and understand this is what's going on in the world today. >> what are you doing in public place? people are in a restaurant. >> empire has also struck a cord with women viewers as well. >> i like empire a lot. >> kind of what we talk about all the time. like wednesday night thursday mornings that is what we're talk bowing. we feel like we have to guard our image. but sometimes it also helps us as far as being creative and going that extra mile. now the other off side of it is, a lot of us feel like okay that image is cool but we need to balance it with other ones. >> given all they've seen and heard, will people keep watching? i think it's
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realistic. i like it. i don't know about the music industry because i'm not behind the scenes but business wise i'm just saying the streets they're tying it together really well. >> will you continue to watch the show? >> yeah. ♪ >> quincy harris, fox 29 news. >> of course, you can watch empire every wednesday night right here on fox 29 right after american idol. physicalled by of course fox 29 news at 10:00. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 a dreameries can you caught on tape. >> a firefighter puts his life at risk to pull a dog from a fast moving river. how this nerve racking ordeal ended. that's next. >> a wal*mart greeter is reprimanded for saying have a blessed day. but it's
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♪ welcome back everybody. a nasa satellite launched in space this morning. its mission to track the amount of water locked in soil. scientists say the data it collects will help people living in low-lying region prepare for floods. it will also warn farmers of possible drought conditions. nearly $1 billion mission is expected to last three years. a man is arrested in connection with a gruesome murder in san francisco.
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a suitcase stuffed with dismembered human remains is found on a downtown street wednesday afternoon. yesterday police releaseing surveillance photos of a suspect just hours later a tip call leads them to 59-year-old mark andres much he's been booked on suspicious of murder. the victim has not yet been identified. investigators say the killing may be connected to organized crime or a gang. los angeles firefighters go to great lengths to rescue a dog from a river. >> they sure did. take look at this. one of the firefighters lowered into the water by a helicopter. he swam to the dog and grabbed him up. the dog is reported to be okay, though just very scared. the two of them were flown to safety. the yellow lab is believed to have an owner because he was wearing a collar with a leash. >> hopefully they can be reunited. family, fans and friends of ernie banks may trick to the legendary chicago slugger hall
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of famers williams and lou brock attending attending a service. banks would have been 84 years old tomorrow died of a heart attack week ago. he's being remembered today by the likes of jesse jackson and chicago mayor rahm emmanuel. >> teammate once said when ernie dies and the undertakers finish ernie will rise up and say nice job, buddy. that's who ernie was. he put the friendly in the friendly confines. he always believed that tomorrow would be better than today. and that is why his spirit will never pass the city of chicago. ♪ >> appropriately a procession after the service passed by his statue at daily plaza still ahead on fox 29 news tonight at 6:00 it's almost super bowl sunday. but there are a few shadows hanging over the big game this
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year. a look at a tough year for the nfl and the scandals and controversies just won't go away next. >> and a bus driver becomes a hero. how she managed to keep a family's home from going up in flames. caitlin. dawn another winter storm moving through the northeast. that would be tomorrow night into monday. winter storm watches warnings and advisories posted for some counties in our area. we'll show hugh gets the accumulating snow and who just gets the hea
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♪ we couldn't to follow break breaking news in atlanta tonight the daughter of late whitney houston is in the hospital after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub. tmz is now reporting she is in a medically induced coma. officials say bobby christina brown's husband found her this morning at a home in a suburb of atlanta. brown was rush to the hospital. today's news setting up an erie parallel to houston' death. she was found dead in a hotel bathtub in 2012. whitney houston' death was ruled an accidental drowning with heart disease and drugs as contributing factors.
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people are pouring in to glendale arizona. they're gearing up for football's big get night. >> new england patriots set to take on the seattle see hawk but this season really has had its share of controversy and fox's will car has the latest on the shadow that's hanging over the big game this year. >> reporter: fans are flooding into arizona assignment builds for the big game but this season has been the league has been plagued by scandal. the most recent controversy so-called deflate-gate. the patriots are facing accusations they're football walls were underinflateed to make it easier for star quarterback tom brady to handle the ball. nfl commissioner goodell says a full investigation is underway. >> all of us want to make sure that the rules are being followed and if we have any information where the potential those rules were violateed i have to pursue that. >> reporter: nfl taking action against domestic abuse after the ray rice scandal.
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the league has been widely criticized for not acting aggressively against rice from the beginning now an anti domestic violence psa backed by the nfl scheduled to air during the super bowl. the new conduct committee he would its first meeting. >> it's a societal problem. worry at the forefront of that sometimes in sports. let's be a leader and get out front and see if we can make a difference. >> reporter: some are saying the inform fl needed to better than the psa it's produced so far. >> there's no words much there's in staff. there's no information. so it's hard to feel that emotional connection. >> reporter: despite the tough year goodell has no plans to resign and looking looking at the challenges as an opportunity for the organization to get better. in glendale, arizona will car fox news. now to your fox 29 weather authority. cold enough for you? >> yes. seriously. >> cold outside. you need a big coat. >> it take your breath away that type of cold. >> it really does. most of the day we were in the 20s wind chills in the single digits. so today was harsh.
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tomorrow looks a little bit better. >> good. >> i know really we can only take so much of those temperatures well below normal. that's not typical for philadelphia even in late january. here we go. february begins tomorrow. that is the truth. every day it changes it will change over the next few days that's for sure. let's start were your weather headlines what to expect for the rest of the weekend into monday. a storm system approaching. quite tonight. not as windy and it will be less harsh on sunday but if you're heading out tonight you're still going to need to bundle up considerably. it is very chilly with temperatures falling back into the 20s and the teens. snow arrives late on sunday for our northwestern counties and then overnight this mix of snow and rain will move into the whole area the further south and east you go the better chance of seeing the rain and then we transition to all rain on monday which could be heavy at times this will be a winter storm for the mountains and ski slopes giving extra fresh powder out of this. for the rest of us not quiet as much or anything much outside
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right now high pressure still in place. a lot of sunshine today. didn't warm us up much here's the the storm system looking very organized as it mess through the central planes snow in nebraska and iowa. rain south of there. that will bring heavy snow to places like chicago milwaukee and a mix into indianapolis as we head into tonight early sunday. then that will march eastward into our area sunday night moo monday. recapping today, again you know it was cold. it might looked outside your win do but didn't feel that way. today's high temperature at the airport 29 coming off of a low of 14 but that's still pretty far from our record low for today set back in 1948 of 3 degrees. let's go county by county. very harsh up in the poconos. 15 degrees but it's still at this hour feels like one below with the wind chill. mid 20s in the lehigh valley 24 in allentown. 27 warminster. 22 in doylestown. 24 in chester and in south jersey we're coming in at 30 in ocean city. 29 in cape may. your fox future cast clear skies as we head into tonight.
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clouds will start to thicken up quickly by dawn i don't think we see lot of sunshine tomorrow. but it is mainly dry. if you're running errands before the super bowl parties you're fine. by 3:00 o'clock the hipt of snow showers on the leading edge of this system mainly north and west of philadelphia but it doesn't look like the heavy stuff comes in until later on 10 11:00 o'clock but i still be careful coming home late from super bowl parties. snow north could coat the ground. by midnight 1am we're starting to move into full gear here with this system that's heff 53 snows for the lehigh valley and the poconos. there will be a wide range of impacts with this. as you go across the area. we might briefly start as snow here in philadelphia but that quickly changes to rain and steady rain to carry us over into the monday morning commute. good we're not getting the high snow accumulations in the city. we are not seeing a winter storm but we will see heavy rain last basically all morning and into the afternoon before that storm moves offshore. so snowfall amounts you got to go north of philadelphia for this. inch or two likely for northern delaware conte southern montgomery lower bucks into trenton new jersey.
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philadelphia maybe an inch but it will wash away so quickly. so we're really not looking at anything for our city. further north and west as you get into upper bucks and northern montgomery, reading quakertown norristown pottstown, limerick places like two to five looks solid. five to eight in the lehigh val and the poconos you can see close to a foot of snow in the mountain tops. so that's where the real heavy snows will be. for tonight 22 in the city. 15 in the suburbs. clouds are on the increase we'll mainly have clouds around for tomorrow. but temperatures will be better much more tolerable 37 degrees with some of those late snow showers towards our north. monday it is certainly a messy mix but most of those impacts will be north and west of philadelphia. i don't want to discount anyone in our suburbs especially as you head into upper bucks and upper montgomery. a tough among morning commute. for us and south jersey and delaware just some rain. very cold again on tuesday behind this system. 27 degrees. a little bit better wednesday but we are back in the deep freeze later on in the week. and even though it look quiet it does look cold and joyce as you said what's even normal any more? it changes so quickly
6:36 pm
look at those temperature swings and look at the wild wed weather we have ahead the next couple of days. >> the ski areas will like it. >> they will love it. a lot of fresh snow coming down overnight sunday night. >> good for them. >> thanks caitlin. >> sure. >> still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00. vhs tapess toed remade by stethoscopes. >> strip malls are drasticallyily changing. why merchants are moving out and doctors are moving in. >> port o potty truck full of what used expect, human waste but there's something else inside and one unlucky deputy had to go and get it.
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♪ >> all across the country buildings that used to house chain stores like blockbuster radio shack best buy they're getting repurposed into walk in urgent care clinics. >> an lifts say it's because it's a case of supply meeting demand with more and more americans getting health insurance. fox's bryan llenas has the story story. >> reporter: under the affordable care act there are now about 10 million more insured americans looking for health care. driving the demand for walk in clinics. about 500 new clinics are
6:40 pm
opening a year. there are now about 9400 nationwide up 20% since 2009. but it's still not enough to meet the demand. doctors say with more insured americans primary care physicians are overwhelmed. making it harder to see walk in patients while also createing more packed emergency rooms. then there are the costs. >> most obama plans have high deductibles therefore patients have to really be smart in spending their dollars for health care. going to an urgent care center they can have easy access to quality care at a much lower cost than that of the emergency department. >> reporter: for patients especially parents like yvette urgent care clinics offer the kind of flexible alternatives she needs while taking care of her four children. almost all clings are open seven days a week, and there's no need for an appointment. >> the convenience is perfect. it's on lane road much the easy to get to. i drive through here at least four, five times a week pass by
6:41 pm
this office whether it's taking kids to soccer practice or to trumpet lessons or to work. >> reporter: many of these clippings are closing closed down chains. clinics tend to have higher credits pay higher rent and bring in business to other stores. >> medical uses are very complimentary to other shopping center uses. many times we're next to a drugstore or a grocery store or something like that. so it also expands the hours of our shopping centers because people use these weekends late at night early in the morning so anything that generates more traffic to our shopping centers is good for the other tenants good for the shopping center. >> reporter: david said next to restaurants walk in clinics are the fastest growing category in strip malls across america. in new york, bryan llenas fox news. >> who knew. >> still to ahead on fox 29 news
6:42 pm
at 61:00 little dog a local guy luck coo to be alive. >> vets couldn't believe what they found in his stomach and they say all dog owners have to see it coming up next. >> more girl power tomorrow morning. it will be indicate license and i for the show and we got the super bell we'll be talking about that but another battle coming to the city of philadelphia. >> we've got lyft now kind of like uber but did you have i've her it's really fun. obviously going to cause competition for uber. >> a lot of parties will be happening. you may want to have a couple of refreshments. >> it's all about the beer. we're talking about beers are still good but the alcohol content isn't too high. >> you can talk to people and watch the game. >> pick up with us tomor
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♪ this doggie is lucky to be alive aft eating a pair of women women's calf high boots. four-year-old pooch named vince had to have life saving surgery this afternoon at the veterinary specialty and emergency center in south philadelphia. vets are sharing vince's x-rays so dog owners can see how dangerous things around your house can be. you can see the i let's from the boots in vince's stomach and there was so much leather vets
6:46 pm
say it wasn't able to pass his small intestine had to remove it. the good news is, this guy is expected to be okay. >> he looks really embarrassed. >> police agency in texas finds a big stash of marijuana in what might be considered a most unlikely place. hundreds of pounds of pot stashed away in a port o potty truck. fox's noel newton takes look at this one. >> reporter: the sheriffs office has the reputation for hauling in big loads of drugs. but when this truck rolled into the back parking lot the deputees were less than enthusiastic. (laughter). >> at first i said i'm not helping. >> reporter: inside the tank of this truck was 1500 pounds of marijuana. >> right around in this area here is a wall and it has a cut out just big enough to fit those bundles through. >> reporter: when deputy got inside to clean it out he realized 57 bundles were sitting in human waste. >> it was over his loots so, you
6:47 pm
know,. >> reporter: the truck was not stolen. depth pew toes say the man driving it identified as jose navarro is the owner of the company and both the taj and port o potty strapped on to the back were functional. >> there is some in there. it's all actual -- port o potty is an actual port o potty. it was an operating company. >> reporter: lieutenant david buyers says navarro was stopped onism 10 for traffic violation. then when questioned buyers says his story of why he was traveling through the county did not make sense. >> he said he was going to houston for job interview. so that was one thing. who would drive a vacuum truck like this from loredo to houston for a job interview? report he gave deputies consent to search and it went downhill from there. this right here is 1600 pounds of marijuana about the same amount that was removed from the tank. deputees take in so much marijuana here the state dep
6:48 pm
lab has no room to house it so the sheriffs office had to build its own storage facility. depth pew tess will now send what they confiscated from the port o potty truck to the state lab for an official weight. >> i don't know when these guys story you're doing the lab may turn us around. >> if anything deputees say let this be a lesson for drug users. >> buyers beware. whoever buys and smokes marijuana you could be getting some of this stuff. >> all right. moving on, greeting people may be part of his job description but for one georgia man the amount of attention he's receiving after getting reprimand at work is overwhelming. this james phillips. as part of his hello he tells them to have a blessed day one customer complained about the groating and the manager told james to stop saying it. even though wal*mart corporate later reversed the manager's decision the support for phillips continues to spread. >> i wasn't looking for that kind of response.
6:49 pm
>> people have seen that and they think of you as hero. >> well, i don't think of myself as hero. i'm just a person. someone would say you're a nice fellow and i say if you see anything good in me it's the lord in me. >> the phillips family announcing on facebook that they now plan to sell have a blessed day t-shirts with all the proceeds going to charity. in missouri a bus driver becomes a real hero. >> she saved family's home from going up in flames. fox's molly blank ken bush has that story. >> reporter: tammy ritter was driving down the road when she saw a doghouse in flames on the front porch of the house. that's when she stopped this bus, told the kids to sit tight and ran over to help. >> i was like, you can't go. what if there's somebody in that house? what if they die? you have to be knock -- at least knock on the door and see if anybody is there. >> reporter: she called 911 and banged on the door of the house but no one was home.
6:50 pm
the fire was growing by the second and with minutes away from spreading to the entire house. so instead of waiting for fire crews, ritter through the heavy box off the front porch into the yard. >> i was stomping the fire out. (laughter). >> reporter: lori is thankful the bus happened to drove by at that critical moment. she knows her house is in a rural area outside of baldwin city and there aren't many cars that drive by. >> i just thought when i turned at the junction i was going to seethes huge big smoke bomb in the sky. because i thought for anybody to set and call it in, it would have probably been pretty big fire. >> reporter: the doghouse had a light bulb inside and she thinks that's what caused it to go up in flames. she's relieved ritter stopped to save her home and take care of little chester. >> he was just kind of frantic running around and she said he was scared and everything, and so she went out to get on her bus and he followed her and got on the bus and rode to town with
6:51 pm
the kids. >> aww look a chester. well the doghouse was built by the owners to look exactly like their home and they say they're going to build chester a brand new one. >> chester and that family very luck coo. >> they are. very lucky indeed. let's send it over to keith for look what's coming up in sports. keith. >> the sixers out of the doghouse. they've had shocking wins this season. tonight would be the most shock shocking. tell you why shortly. and can you tell us what movie character looks like nick foles when he puts on the glasses? think about it hard.
6:52 pm
eating pizza during the season. that means free pizza after the season. what a country! order now through super bowl sunday at and you'll get a free pizza starting monday. use promo code superbowl at checkout. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's.
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>> villanova was today temple and st. joe's pretty good, too. nova number seven in the country facing depaul. ryan schools all 18 of his points in the second half. you know his parents met at villanova? that's what you call keeping it in the family. they move to 19-two with a skate-55 win. temple and tulane. not that tulane is is good give the owls credit. they led tulane 28-eight at half time. didn't not lock back. temple's third win in row. st. joe's and davidson.
6:55 pm
hawks down 13 at the half. they start the second half out scoring davidson 18 to three. big five player of the week that's why. isaia miles says let's go home. st. joe's their win in the last 10 games. 75-70. last year when sixers michael cal carter williams was named rookie of the year a lot of people were impressed. but what he did last night might make you change your mind. carter williams with his fifth career triple double last it in's win over minnesota. three of those triple doubles come this that leads the nba. sixers lead the inform ba in a stat that's not bad. they actually lead in a stat for something good. carter williams meantime taking it all in stride. >> i'm not trying to do it, you know, all myself. um and kind of let things happen rather than, you know try to force it a little bit but, you know, i'm just, you know, trying to get better each and every day and, you know, improve on, you know, the day
6:56 pm
before. >> just feel like he's playing so much more at piece within himself and i think the group is doing the same and collectively, you know produces some decent performances. >> you want to see how much the sixers have really improved. watch the game tonight because they play in at land to hawks team that has won 18 in a row. sixth longest winning streak in nba history. the hawks have three players hurt and won't play tonight. does that give the sixers a shot? maybe it does. sarina williams opponent knew she had no shot as soon as she walk on the court. she meet sharipova for the 16th16th street straight time. do you say yeah, she's too good i can't beat her it is what it is. eagles quarterback nick foles it is what it is. when it comes to people saying he looks like that crazy movie character napolean dynamite.
6:57 pm
>> i can do the glasses. i just did my hair. >> what kind of bike do you have. >> it's a sledgehammer hammer. >> you got shocks, lucky. do you ever take it off any sweet jumps. >> you embrace it. >> how often do you hear it. >> you hear it a lot. you got to embrace it. >> lawsuitly. >> why not? >> you going to keep the glasses. >> i might keep the glasses. >> i think you go the to do the glasses. >> there you go. >> aww. >> he's better looking. >> napolean dynamite. >> no nick foles. >> he's better looking. >> that's really funny. >> shocking. >> this is a good sport about it it. >> yeah, he is. >> he's cool about it. >> he's got a thick skin. >> all right. >> thanks, keith. >> that is our news on this saturday night. tmz comes your way next. we'll see you back here tonight the a 10:00. come on and join us.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> today on "tmz", this justin beiber video is incredible. >> i really want people to know how much i care. >> either justin beiber believes that he completely bombed on ellen or this is a shameless employ to push a new facebook platform. >> everyone is saying justin is pretending but he says i'm not pretending anymore and that people -- >> be for real guys. >> chris pratt at l.a.x., the guy next to him has an indiana jones poster. >> he's like dude i just got back from being out in the woods killing a bunch of stuff. >> out in the woods like indiana jones. >> not really but


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